25 Case Studies

Acquisitions, Sales, Restructuring and Flotations

  • Case Study 01: Advising a client on the options for expansion
  • Case Study 02: Devising a Workable Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Case Study 03: Advising a client wishing to sell a company
  • Case Study 04: Advising a client on restructuring a mini conglomerate
  • Case Study 05: Advising a client on a proposed AIM Listing

Management Buyouts

  • Case Study 06 : Calculating a client’s shareholding and the ‘envy ratio’
  • Case Study 07: Considering the financial consequences of a ratchet

Valuations and Pricing

  • Case Study 08: Ascertaining an approximate value with DCF, NAV and PER
  • Case Study 09: Advising on an earn-out structure
  • Case Study 10: Considering the price of a company’s shares on flotation
  • Case Study 11: Negotiating the value of a company using a PER
  • Case Study 12: Explaining the mathematics of a rights issue
  • Case Study 13: Considering debt versus equity
  • Case Study 14: Explaining the mathematics of convertible loan stock

Due Diligence for Buying and Selling Companies

  • Case Study 15: Structuring an acquisition to take account of the risks
  • Case Study 16: Planning a legal due diligence
  • Case Study 17: Considering a draft disclosure letter
  • Case Study 18: Explaining the concept of ‘fair disclosure’

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

  • Case Study 19: Discussing the advantages & disadvantages of three joint venture options
  • Case Study 20: Advising the junior partner in a proposed joint venture

Completion Meetings

  • Case Study 21: Managing a completion meeting – Part 1
  • Case Study 22: Managing a completion meeting – Part 2

Directors’ Responsibilities

  • Case Study 23: Discussing the role of the chairman – Part 1
  • Case Study 24: Discussing the role of the chairman – Part 2
  • Case Study 25: Advising the board of a company facing insolvency

25 Case Studies


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