Business Owners

Good professional advice when buying or selling a company (or undertaking any other type of corporate finance deal) is essential to ensure that you achieve your intended objectives with the minimum risk of unforeseen and continuing potential liabilities.
However, such advice is usually extremely expensive and can often knock the profit out of a deal, if not carefully controlled.

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs have a clear vision of their objectives and a specific plan with which to achieve them. They therefore use professional advisers and other experts only to give very technical advice to smooth out the rough edges of a deal and to document the intentions of the parties.

This requires an ability to conduct negotiations to an advanced stage without professional advice together with an appreciation of the strengths, weaknesses and motivation of the various parties involved.

My corporate finance training courses are very practical and will assist you and your colleagues to instruct your professional advisers appropriately so that you achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively.