Fast Track Graduate Trainees

Corporate Finance is full of hype. New terms are invented all the time to baffle clients and new practitioners. Consequently, only a very thick-skinned newcomer will risk a put-down in a meeting by expressing an opinion.

The cautious prefer to remain silent rather than risk a comment which might draw unwelcome attention to their inexperience. Nonetheless, it’s frustrating to be intelligent but uninformed … and it’s boring.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Corporate Finance skills are not rocket science. The outer reaches of medicine, engineering, law and accountancy are much more difficult to understand.

My courses provide a lot of information in a very efficient format which will give you the confidence to take a more active part in client meetings and drafting meetings …  which will make them a lot more interesting.

You will also appreciate that Corporate Finance is the art of the possible where imagination, determination and the ability to attract clients … and keep them … are the essential ingredients of success.