Corporate finance is, essentially, a never-ending theatrical performance. Companies are formed … they raise money … make acquisitions … enter into joint ventures and strategic alliances … and sell their subsidiaries to third parties … or to their own managers. They may float their shares on the stockmarket … and then leave the stockmarket …and become private companies again. Along the way, they get taken over … they over-extend themselves … and restructure… they become insolvent … and they’re wound up. The broken pieces are then put back together again with different players repackaging the corporate ingredients of assets, liabilities, practices and ideas and the show rolls on.

Underpinning all this activity, professional advisers process the transactions, carry out due diligence investigations, prepare reports on past performance and future prospects and draft documents evidencing the agreements reached on behalf of companies by directors and owners who must at all times comply with complex rules and regulations which, if misunderstood, could result in civil or criminal liability perhaps both.

My courses will help you to understand the whole process and show you how to structure a safe and profitable participation in this corporate theatre.