Professional Advisers

Technical expertise is now almost a commodity item … and those of us that sell it exclusively are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Core professional services, like audit, financial accounts, general legal advice, tax returns, legal documentation and compliance will soon be automated and done on line. Many of them already are. It’s therefore essential to replace these declining income streams with services that’re indispensable to a client’s future success rather than focusing on services that are merely reliably useful.

Despite the commoditisation of many professional skills, however, we will always retain the same amount of professional time … and the best way to secure a continuing high price for the on-going use of our professional time is to offer good corporate advice. My courses will fill the gaps in your knowledge or experience so that you will be able to establish yourself as a successful corporate adviser. You will therefore preserve the continued loyalty of your clients because strategy, trust, confidentiality and real long term commitment cannot be automated or outsourced.

However, if you are already an experienced practitioner just looking to catch up on your CPD hours, the Testimonials from past participants illustrate that you will find my courses very enjoyable: and it’s always worthwhile to confirm what you already know … and perhaps learn something new.