Roger Baden-Powell
Roger Baden-Powell ACG

Barrister and Stockbroker

Roger Baden-Powell qualified as a barrister and joined Joseph Sebag & Co., London stockbrokers, as a property and insurance analyst. In 1978, he became a partner of the firm and was appointed head of equity research and a Member of the London Stock Exchange. Whilst with the firm, he was seconded for two years as the London Stock Exchange Representative to the Executive of the City Panel on Take-overs and Mergers.

Corporate Adviser and Investment Manager

From 1981-1987, he was a partner of Baden-Powell, Chilcott & Co., a City of London based corporate finance and investment management firm. Corporate finance activities included advice on mergers and acquisitions and general financial, commercial and legal advice. The firm also owned minority interests in an insurance broking company and an advertising agency.

Investment Banker

From 1988-95, he was with Bank Mees & Hope NV, a Dutch merchant bank (a subsidiary of ABN-Amro) and, in 1991, was appointed CEO of the bank’s UK corporate finance and investment management subsidiaries and executive chairman of the bank’s UK private client stockbrokers, Shaw & Co..

Corporate Adviser and Trainer

Since 1996, he has been a director of Baden-Powell Associates Limited (BPAL), corporate advisers. In 2002, he distilled his experience of corporate deals into 16 one-day courses which he has now presented over 700 times in and around Europe … sometimes as far away as Moscow, Riyadh and Johannesburg. Approximately 7,500 accountants, lawyers, corporate advisers, bankers and business owners  have attended his one-day courses over 98% of whom have said, in their written testimonials, that his practical and commercial emphasis on examples of real deals was a very effective learning format. In 2017, he videoed his most popular courses which are now available as the “Corporate Advisers’ MasterClass” (130 videos with 33 hours of training).

Chartered Governance Professional

As a Chartered Governance Professional, his objective is to promote beneficial interaction between the Chair, Executive Directors, NEDS and Committee Members and to embed efficient evidence-based business assurance and risk management frameworks to drive strategic and organisational decision making. In this role, he has the credibility and relationship skills to act as the board’s communicator with senior management, regulators, employees, shareholders and multiple stakeholders.

With past experience as a Chairman, CEO, Director, General Manager, Company Secretary, Compliance Officer and Owner of commercial companies, he is experienced in leading teams with clear prioritised objectives and has the technical, commercial and social abilities to be trusted as the third person in a Chair/CEO/Company Secretary triangle of mutual assurance and respect – and to understand the problems of the in-house lawyer and the objectives of the internal and external auditors.